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Millennium Palace Camboriú is a residential condominium skyscraper in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is the tallest building in that state and one of the tallest in Latin America. Millennium Palace is 177.3 metres (581.7 feet) tall and has 46 floors. It has 45 floors to the end of the first floor of the two floor penthouse, plus the additional second floor of the penthouse, totaling 177.3 metres (581.7 feet) in height. It is the first building in 50 years to surpass Mirante do Vale as the tallest in Brazil.

It is in the heart of Balneário Camboriú, in the State of Santa Catarina, in which there are other skyscrapers under construction and expected to surpass Millennium Palace itself from 2015 forward.

Millennium Palace Residence is a luxury development project, and with one of the largest total investment values in Balneário Camboriú and also of Southern Brasil, due to the materials used and technology employed. Each floor has a floor to floor height of 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) (37 typical apartments) and facing the ocean.

The Development project was inaugurated on 10 August 2014.

The building is 157.3 metres (516.1 feet) tall until the end of floor 45, which corresponds to the end of the main volume of the building, or the top of the first floor of the Penthouse, or where the open pool is on the roof and where the last floor begins. Above this the Penthouse has one more floor plus the roof and the small version of the mini Eiffel tower.

With the penthouse included, plus the roof over the same, it is 168.8 metres (553.8 feet) tall in height. Above this, the building has a mini tower, small replica version of the Eiffel Tower at the top, on the roof below and going up. This small tower is 8.5 metres (27.9 feet) tall in height, coming to a grand total of 177.3 metres (581.7 feet) in height, which is the highest any building has ever reached in Brazil.

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Preceded by
Mirante do Vale
Tallest building in Brazil
177.3 m (581.7 ft)
Succeeded by
Epic Tower