Millennium Square, Bristol

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Millennium Square in Bristol
Statue of Cary Grant in Millennium Square, Bristol, England.

Millennium Square is a location in the centre of Bristol, England.[1] It was built as part of the At Bristol development, and has become a popular public area.


Millennium Square is home to a BBC Big Screen[2] and a large water feature. A bronze statue of Bristol-born actor Cary Grant by sculptor Graham Ibbeson was unveiled by Grant's widow in 2001.[3] Other bronze sculptures include William Penn, William Tyndale and Thomas Chatterton, all three by Lawrence Holofcener.[4] There are also a number of small painted bronze Jack Russell terrier dogs by Cathie Pilkington, some of which are set into the paved surface, as if they were swimming.[5]

An analemma is built into the paving slabs.


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