Millerand Island

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Millerand Island
Isla Millerand.jpg
Millerand Island from San Martín Base, 2011
Millerand Island is located in Antarctic Peninsula
Millerand Island
Millerand Island
Location in Antarctic Peninsula
Coordinates68°09′S 67°13′W / 68.150°S 67.217°W / -68.150; -67.217Coordinates: 68°09′S 67°13′W / 68.150°S 67.217°W / -68.150; -67.217
Length6 km (3.7 mi)
Width6 km (3.7 mi)
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

Millerand Island is a high rugged island 6 km (3 nmi) in diameter, lying 7 km (4 nmi) south of Cape Calmette, off the west coast of Graham Land. It was discovered by the French Antarctic Expedition (1908-1910) under Jean-Baptiste Charcot, who thought that it was a cape of the mainland and named it as such after Alexandre Millerand, French statesman.

17 de Agosto Refuge[edit]

Refuge 17 de Agosto 68°07′53″S 67°10′16″W / 68.131254°S 67.171031°W / -68.131254; -67.171031 is an Antarctic refuge located in the north east of the Millerand Island in the Marguerite Bay, on the Fallières Coast. It is operated by the Argentine Army and was inaugurated on August 17, 1957. It depends on the San Martín base, which is five kilometres away on the Barry Island. The refuge consists of a red hut, used by the personnel employed in the missions carried out in the area, and has a capacity to accommodate four people, enough food for two weeks, fuel, gas and first aid kit. [1]


The island was mapped geologically in 1958 and 1959 by Keith Hoskins, a British geologist based on nearby Stonington Island.

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