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Guds hand 2007.jpg
God's Hand, sculpture by Carl Milles, on permanent display at Millesgården.
Established 1936
Location Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates 59°21′32″N 18°07′17″E / 59.358889°N 18.121389°E / 59.358889; 18.121389
Type Art museum, sculpture garden
Director Onita Wass
Curator Tomas Järliden

Millesgården is an art museum and sculpture garden, located on the island of Lidingö in Stockholm, Sweden. It is located on the grounds of the home of sculptor Carl Milles and his wife, artist Olga Milles, who are both buried there.[1]

Millesgården in popular culture[edit]

Millesgården is the setting of the opening scene of Poul Anderson's acclaimed science fiction novel Tau Zero, and several of the sculpture garden's works are described.[2]



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