Millhouses and Ecclesall railway station

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Millhouses and Ecclesall
Place Millhouses
Area City of Sheffield
Coordinates 53°20′42″N 1°29′42″W / 53.3450°N 1.4950°W / 53.3450; -1.4950Coordinates: 53°20′42″N 1°29′42″W / 53.3450°N 1.4950°W / 53.3450; -1.4950
Grid reference SK337832
Pre-grouping Midland Railway
Post-grouping LMSR
London Midland Region of British Railways
Platforms 2/4
1 February 1870 Opened as Ecclesall
1 October 1871 renamed Ecclesall and Mill Houses
1 May 1884 renamed Mill Houses and Ecclesall
1901-3 Expanded to four platforms
18 July 1932 renamed Millhouses and Ecclesall
10 June 1968 Closed [1]
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Millhouses and Ecclesall railway station is located in Sheffield
Millhouses and Ecclesall railway station
Site of Millhouses and Ecclesall station shown in Sheffield

Millhouses and Ecclesall railway station was a railway station in the Millhouses district of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

It was built by the Midland Railway and was designed by the company architect John Holloway Sanders[2] and opened in 1870 called Ecclesall. This was changed, first to Ecclesall & Millhouses and later Mill Houses & Ecclesall before becoming Millhouses and Ecclesall in 1932. It was situated on the Midland Main Line between Heeley railway station and Beauchief station, and was accessed from the Archer Road overbridge, near the junction of Abbeydale Road and Millhouses Lane.

The station was opened at the same time as the main line from Chesterfield with just 2 flanking platforms. Between 1901 and 1903 the line was widened and two lines added. The station now consisted of 4 platforms with two flanking platforms and an island platform in the centre. The station buildings were situated at road level with access by steps to the island platform.

The station closed on 10 June 1968, and remained derelict for many years. The station buildings and platforms were finally removed in the 1980s, but the stationmaster's house survives as a private home. There have been numerous plans to rebuild a station, going as far as a feasibility study in 1997,[3] but so far none have come to fruition.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line open, station closed
  Midland Railway
Midland Main Line
Line open, station closed


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