Million's Poet

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Million's Poet
Country of originUnited Arab Emirates
Production locationAbu Dhabi
Original networkTVE
Abu Dhabi TV
Original release2007 (2007) –

Million's Poet (Arabic: شاعر المليون) is a reality television show in the United Arab Emirates, which was first broadcast in December 2006.[1][2] The show is a Nabati vernacular poetry competition in which the participants compose and recite poems. [3]

The show is funded by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage and is inspired by a pre-Islamic poetry festival at Souk Okaz.[4] 48 participants are selected from among several thousand applicants. In each episode, participants read a poem they have written. A panel of judges evaluate the style and language of the poems and the quality of the recitation; contestants also receive votes from the audience, and are eliminated from the competition until five finalists remain. These receive cash prizes that have varied from 1 to 5 million UAE dirham.[4]

In 2010, journalist and editor Hissa Hilal was the show's first female finalist, finishing third in the finals. Her poems strongly criticized "ad hoc fatwas", religious extremism and conservative clerics.[5]

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