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Million's Poet
Country of originUnited Arab Emirates
Production locationAbu Dhabi
Original networkTVE
Abu Dhabi TV
Original release2007 (2007) –

Million's Poet (Arabic: شاعر المليون) is a reality television show on the United Arab Emirates television network Abu Dhabi TV and the Million's Poet Channel.[1] The show is a competition for the most talented poet in Arabic poetry with prizes for the top 5 poets ranging from AED 1 to 5 million (US$272,294 to $1,361,470). The show is taped at the Al Raha Beach Theatre. The show is very popular in the United Arab Emirates. In its first season its ratings overtook those of the UAE's national sport, football, and led to the show being called one of the most successful Arab television shows ever.[2] The show is funded by the Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage in order to revive the poetry of Nabati, Mwal, Shalla and Qalta. Competitors are judged both by spectators with sms[3] and by judges with the quality of their poetry and by their recitation.[citation needed]

Five basic conditions must be met to be eligible for the program, which are: Candidates must be between 18 years old and 45 years old. Written in a Nabataean arabic genre poetry, metered and rhymed, between 10 and 20 verses. The poem should be printed where handwritten poems are not accepted. The candidate must also submit a high-quality photograph. Along with a copy of a passport valid for at least 12 months.[4]

In 2010 Hissa Hilal was the show's first female finalist, reciting a poem strongly criticizing "ad hoc fatwas".[5] The series was won by Kuwaiti amateur poet Nasser al Ajami.[6]

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