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Millswood Station (October 2014).jpg
Location 251 Goodwood Rd
Kings Park SA 5034
Coordinates 34°57′32″S 138°35′26″E / 34.958804°S 138.590602°E / -34.958804; 138.590602Coordinates: 34°57′32″S 138°35′26″E / 34.958804°S 138.590602°E / -34.958804; 138.590602
Owned by DPTI
Operated by Adelaide Metro
Line(s) Belair Line
Distance 5.9 km from Adelaide
Platforms 1 Side
Tracks 2
Bus routes G10 G20 G21 G30F N10 N21
Structure type Ground
Parking No
Bicycle facilities No
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1910s
Rebuilt 12 October 2014
Preceding station   TransAdelaide   Following station
toward Adelaide
Belair line
toward Belair

Millswood railway station is located on the Belair line in Adelaide.[1] Situated in the Adelaide suburb of Millswood, it is 5.9 kilometres from Adelaide station.


The station opened circa 1910.[citation needed] The platforms were constructed of earth-filled concrete each side of the dual tracks, which were both broad gauge until 1995. There were timber framed, iron clad open passenger shelters on each platform. The two outbound Unley Park and Hawthorn stations had similar shelters. A ticket office was provided on the Up (western) platform until being demolished during in 1985, and the original shelters were in due course removed in March 1988 and replaced with the bus stop type shelters that are seen at some stations on the TransAdelaide network.

Millswood station closed on 28 April 1995, simultaneously with stations at Clapham and Hawthorn despite criticism from nearby residents, with the conversion of the Adelaide-Wolseley line to standard gauge under the One Nation programme.[2] A number of reasons were quoted as justification for the closures, including poor patronage,[3] the excessive number of stations between Goodwood and Lynton and their closeness to each other, and the impractibility of single-line working with so many stations and so few crossing points. The western platform was demolished in 2007.


In August 2013, moves were made towards the reopening of Millswood station, with the Transport Department launching an investigation into the proposal.[4] In the leadup to the 2014 State Election, the State Government promised to reopen the station for a 12-month trial from 1 July 2014 if it was returned.[5] Upgrade works at the station commenced in July 2014 at a cost of $500,000,[6] but the initial draft timetable for the station only included every second peak-hour train not stopping at the reopened platform.[7]

The station reopened on 12 October 2014 for a 12-month trial.[8] The trial was successful, and the station was reopened permanently.[9]

Transport links[edit]

Bus Transfers: Stop 7 (Goodwood Road)
Route No. Destination & Route Details
Blair Athol – City – Flinders UniversityWestfield Marion[10]
City – Flinders Medical CentreAberfoyle Park[11]
City – Flinders Medical CentreAberfoyle Park[12]
City – Bedford ParkBlackwood[13]
Westfield MarionFlinders Medical Centre – City[14]
City – Westfield MarionAberfoyle Park[15]


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