Millwoods Christian School

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Coordinates: 53°28′32″N 113°27′44″W / 53.47556°N 113.46222°W / 53.47556; -113.46222

Mill Woods Christian School
8710 Mill Woods Road
Edmonton, Alberta, T6K 3J3, Canada
School district Edmonton Public Schools
Religious affiliation Christian
Superintendent Edgar Schmidt
Principal Al Lowrie (2012)
Vice Principal Daniel Vandermeer
Richard Stevenson
Judy Krahn
Chief custodian Marcelo Valdez
School type Public Separate
Grades K-12
Language English
Campus Urban
Motto Preparing minds for leadership, hearts for service.
Mascot Lion
Team name MCS Royals
Colours Columbia Blue, and Navy         
Founded 1978
Enrollment >1000 (2007)
Student Ministries Director David Calvert

Mill Woods Christian School, located in southeast Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is an alternative school in the Edmonton Public School System.

With its campus situated in the neighbourhood of Tweddle Place in Mill Woods, it has been serving the community since 1978. The school opened as an independent school under the direction of Calvary Community Church, a non-denominational church in south Edmonton. Over the years the school population steadily increased as more and more parents began to choose Christian education for their children. In 2000, the school entered into an agreement with the Edmonton Public School Board, and now operates as an alternative program with EPSB.

Although the district of Edmonton it is located in is spelled "Mill Woods", the school's name is spelled "Millwoods", which is a very common misinterpretation of the name and in most cases has actually become the norm among the public when referring to the community.

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