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Self portrait (1889)
Portrait of Hugh Childers (1891)

Emily Maria Eardley Childers (1866–1922), known as Milly Childers, was an English painter of the later Victorian era and the early twentieth century.[1]

She was the daughter of Hugh Childers, a prominent Member of Parliament and Cabinet minister of his generation.[2] Little is known about Milly Childers's early life; she began exhibiting her art around 1890. After her father's 1892 retirement from public service, father and daughter traveled together through England and France; Milly Childers painted landscapes and church interiors. Her father's social and political connections brought his daughter some commissioned work, including as a restorer and copyist for Lord Halifax at Temple Newsam.[3]

One of Childers' best-known works is a portrait of her father; another is her own self portrait from 1889. Other of her better-known works are "Children Playing Hoops in the Street, Arromanches" and "The Pannier market, Barnstaple". Her style shows influences from the Impressionists.


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