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William Milo Keynes, MD, FRCS (/ˈknz/ KAYNZ; 9 August 1924 – 18 February 2009) was a British doctor and author.[1]

Keynes was the third son of Sir Geoffrey Keynes, and his wife Margaret Darwin, daughter of Sir George Darwin. He was a great-grandson of the naturalist Charles Darwin, and a nephew of the economist John Maynard Keynes. He was the brother of Richard, Quentin and Stephen.

He published a collection of essays on his uncle and a biography of his uncle's wife, Lydia Lopokova. He also wrote books on the history of science, on Isaac Newton and on Mendelism in human genetics.


  • Essays on John Maynard Keynes
  • A Century of Mendelism in Human Genetics
  • The Iconography of Sir Isaac Newton to 1800
  • Lydia Lopokova
  • Sir Francis Galton: The Legacy of His Ideas
  • Evolutionary Studies: Centenary Celebration of the Life of Julian Huxley


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