Milo de Angelis

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Milo de Angelis*
Born 1951 (age 65–66)
Milan, Italy
Occupation Poet and Novelist
Nationality Italy
Period 1976-present

Milo De Angelis (born 1951) is an Italian language poet. He is the author of several books of poetry, as well as a volume of stories and one of essays. He has also published translations of several modern French authors and Greek classics.

He was born in Milan in 1951.[1]

His first collection of poetry was entitled Somiglianze (1976).


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Published works[edit]


  • Somiglianze (Resemblances), Guanda, Parma, 1975 (new ed. 1990)
  • Millimetri (Millimetres), Einaudi, Torino, 1983
  • Terra del viso (Face's Land), Mondadori, Milano, 1985
  • Distante un padre (An Aloof Father), Mondadori, Milano, 1989
  • Biografia sommaria (Concise Biography), Mondadori, Milano, 1998
  • Dove eravamo già stati. Poesie 1970-2001 (Where We Had Already Been. Poems 1970-2001), Donzelli, Rome, 2001
  • Tema dell’addio (Farewell Theme), Mondadori, Milano, 2005 (Viareggio Prize, San Pellegrino Prize, Cattafi Prize)


  • La corsa dei mantelli (The Cloaks Race), Guanda, Parma, 1979
  • Poesia e destino (Poetry and Fate), Cappelli, Bologna, 1982


  • Milo De Angelis, Terre du visage, trans. I. N. Para, Chopard, Paris, 1988.
  • Milo De Angelis, Ce que je raconte aux chaises, trans. A. Pilia and J. Demarcq, Luzarches, Les Cahiers de Royaumont, 1989.
  • Milo De Angelis, Finite Intuition. Selected Poetry and Prose, trans. Lawrence Venuti, Sun and Moon, New York, 1995.
  • Milo De Angelis, Between the Blast Furnaces and the Dizziness: A Selection of Poems: 1970-1999, trans. Emanuel di Pasquale, Chelsea, New York, 2003.
  • Milo De Angelis, Theme of Farewell and After-Poems: A Bilingual Edition, ed. and trans. by Susan Stewart and Patrizio Ceccagnoli, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2013.