Milorad B. Protić

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Milorad B. Protic.png
Minor planets discovered: 7
1517 Beograd March 20, 1938
1550 Tito November 29, 1937
1554 Yugoslavia September 6, 1940
1564 Srbija October 15, 1936
1675 Simonida March 20, 1938
2244 Tesla October 22, 1952
2348 Michkovitch January 10, 1939

Milorad B. Protić (Serbian Cyrillic: Милорад Б. Протић; August 6, 1911, Belgrade - October 29, 2001, Belgrade) was a Serbian astronomer.


He was born on August 6, 1911 in Belgrade. He died on October 29, 2001 in Belgrade.


He has discovered a handful of asteroids. 1675 Simonida is named after queen Simonida, wife of medieval Serbian king Stefan Milutin; 2348 Michkovitch is named after Vojislav V. Mišković (1892–1976), member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and head of the Belgrade Astronomical Observatory.

Asteroid 22278 Protitch (discovered by Debehogne) is named after him, while 1724 Vladimir (discovered by Delporte) is named after his grandson. 5397 Vojislava (discovered by Oshima) is named after Vojislava Protić-Benišek, his daughter which is a member of its staff since 1972, where she continues her father's work on celestial mechanics and minor planets, together with her husband and son.

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