May Fools

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May Fools
May Fools.jpg
Directed by Louis Malle
Produced by Louis Malle
Vincent Malle
Written by Jean-Claude Carrière
Louis Malle
Music by Stéphane Grappelli
Cinematography Renato Berta
Edited by Emmanuelle Castro
Release date
24 January 1990 (France)
Running time
107 minutes
Country France
Language French

Milou en mai, released as Milou in May in the UK and as May Fools in North America, is a 1990 film by Louis Malle. The film portrays the impact of the French revolutionary fervour of May 1968 on a French village.

Milou en mai was filmed at Château du Calaoue, in the Gers département, southwestern France.


Milou's mother dies just as the unrest and strikes are sweeping the country. The events interfere with the plans for a funeral and disrupt the family and a stranded truck driver. The film combines elements of social and interpersonal commentary with farce.




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