Milovan Vitezović

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Milovan Vitezović
Milovan Vitezović.jpg
Born (1944-09-11) 11 September 1944 (age 72)
Nationality Serbian
Occupation writer, professor and screenwriter

Milovan Vitezović (Serbian Cyrillic: Милован Витезовић), (born 11 September 1944) is a Serbian writer, professor and screenwriter. He writes songs, novels, essays, reviews, aphorisms, movies and TV scripts. He has published more than forty books in over one hundred and fifty items, represented in over fifty anthology Serbian and international poetry, prose literature for children, aphorism and fantasy, fiction and television drama.

His aphorisms were published in a series of European newspapers, the Hamburg Stern and to Moscow's Sunday Times, and translated the Greek, Romanian, Hebrew, Swedish, Italian... Vitezović is one of the few of Serbian and Yugoslav contemporary writers, whose books were banned and even burned in its first edition. That was a collection of aphorisms Srce me je otkucalo. His satirical texts are often published in famous Serbian magazine Hedgehog. He is the author of the number of television drama and series, texts for theatrical performances and film scripts. Television film those recorded by his scenarios are shown on European television ORF and ZDF.


He was born in Vitezovići at Kosjerić and on 11 September 1944. He was educated in Tubić, Kosjerić, Užice and Belgrade, where he graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology, department of general literature, and Faculty of Dramatic Arts, department movies and TV script. He was editor of operating in the literary newspaper, the youth magazine Youth Meeting, worked as an editor for literature to 1969, and since then as the editor of journal pin. Feature editor feature a series of RTS - exercised by the 1977 until 1991, when it becomes editor in chief of Art-entertainment program of RTS. Member of the Writers Association of Serbia and Serbian PEN Center; speaks and writes for National Review, the magazine of the national heritage of Serbia. The Academy of Arts, Belgrade, the associate Professor from 2001. The teaching film script and TV script.

Literary work[edit]

As narrator, the flow of actions leads insensibly, spontaneous and full of humor a custom situation, characterized by the developed part of fabulom anecdotal narration, fully dočaranom atmosphere time on any deals. Range Vitezović issue which is very wide, from historical figures and events, through the fictional characters of our time, to youth readings that represents chronicle youth, all of us. In his works not only provides insight into the life and world figures, but pictures of different areas, giving a general picture space and time on. Works Milovan Vitezovića took place in the school lectins, also in German high school čitanci. As guest editor of the Zavdu for textbooks and teaching aids, capital items in the edition edited by the selected pieces Bogdan Popovic, Jovan Skerlić, Milan Kašanin and Stojan Novaković.

The most important novels[edit]

Hajduk Veljko Petrović, the European Year of Prince Miloš and Socks Peter King novels are historical themes of whose holdings Vitezović worked almost twenty years.


  • Man, get angry,
  • The heart beat me ...

Other works[edit]

Poetry for children, collected works: Anthology of Yugoslav poetry for children (I-IV), green mouse, sun, beautiful decorated, all colors of the world ...

TV dramas and series[edit]

  • Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms
  • Kingdom of Serbia
  • The Principality of Serbia
  • Dimitrije Tucović
  • Vuk Karadžić
  • Then Lola invents slogans
  • Student Age
  • Snohvatice I and II


for theatrical performances

  • Disco
  • Closely Age
  • Usklađivao crazy confused
  • Welcome ..

Film scripts[edit]


He received numerous awards of which the most important: Zmaj Children Games (1978) Great Charter Bazjaške in Bucharest in 2005, Kočića Award (2005) - Republic of Serbian, Golden Gašino pen (2006), Public Voice Award Meša Selimović the second place (2000).

He was a candidate for the Anthology of the world's best satirist, which was published in the United States 2007.

The Novi Sad June 2007, went to his honor to receive Zmajev poetic rod and open Zmaj Children Games, the largest festival of children's creativity in Europe.

Adaptation of his novel Barking The Stars won the prestigious award domestic Golden Arena Novi Sad and the award in Herceg Novi.

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