Miloš (unmanned ground vehicle)

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Remotely controlled unmanned ground platform Miloš[1]
Miloš robotizovana platforma.jpg
TypeUnmanned robotic system
Production history
DesignerMilitary Technical Institute
ManufacturerPPT Namenska
No. built6+
Mass430 kg (950 lb) 680 kg (1,500 lb) armed
Length1.725 m (5.66 ft)
Width0.770 m (2.53 ft)
Height0.475 m (1.56 ft) 0.950 m (3.12 ft) armed

ArmorSTANAG I - 7.62mm
Zastava M86 7.62mm machine-gun, M11 grenade launcher, option RBR M90 Stršljen and other armament options including smoke grenades
Engineelectric engine powered on Li-Ion battery
Payload capacity1 wounded or sick on medic variant
4.5h moving, 3h move and shoot on rough terrain, surveillance and weapon system works up to 8h
Maximum speed 12.5km per hour
encrypted radio up to 3000 meters, using routers on UAV or helicopters up to 10km

Miloš, also called Little Miloš, is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) developed by the Military Technical Institute, following the development of unmanned ground vehicle Milica in 2009. UGV Miloš is in serial production and first customer are Serbian Armed Forces.


During 2009 Military Technical Institute presented its first battle UGV, Milica.[2] Continuous development lead to a new UGV, named Miloš. Miloš has better autonomy and a smaller remote control station which is carried and operated by a single soldier. The UGV fits into small trailer and can be carried by smaller 4x4 military vehicles or in numbers on larger vehicles to the deployment zone. For surveillance and detection it uses thermal camera, a day and night camera, and a laser ranger. It has one or two weapons attached on its turret. Maximum total weight is around 700 kg or 300 kg of cargo. Two day/night cameras are installed on front and back for driving. It can recognize solder using charge coupled device up to 1000 meters, and has thermal camera that enables recognition up to 450 meters. Included as part of equipment is laser rangefinder for range up to 2000 meters.[3]

It was presented to the public at the 2017 Partner military fair in Belgrade.[citation needed]


There are several versions of Little Miloš:

UGV Miloš armed with additional M80 Zolja


 Serbia - 5 in service in the 72nd Brigade for Special Operations of the Serbian Armed Forces, more on order[4][5]

Potential operators[edit]

After the 2018 UMEX fair, the UAE requested to test UGV Miloš for their armed forces.[6][7]

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