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Milton High School is a government all-boys high school located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It was the first government all-boys school established in Bulawayo. It was founded in 1910 and is named after Sir William Milton, administrator of the British South Africa Company. The school's motto is Greek and derived from the Biblical excerpt from Corinthians, 1 Corinthians 16:13, written by St. Paul to Corinthians in the face of Roman imperialism, and the Authorized Version translates it as "Quit ye like men". Milton school's connection with St. John's (the original Milton) is perpetuated in the new church in Rhodes Street where the central light of a stained glass window in the east transept in memory of an old boy, Alfred Perry, depicts the school's crest and motto.

About Milton[edit]

Milton School started life on 25 July 1910, named after Sir William Milton, however the buildings situated on Borrow Street Bulawayo, are now home to Milton Junior School. Milton and Eveline became the first state-maintained high schools in Rhodesia. Milton and Eveline were officially opened on the same day by Sir William Milton, his wife Lady Eveline, Sir Charles Coghlan and the Mayor and Town Council.

It was in September 1927 that some 300 boys and staff moved to Milton's present home, which is situated between the suburbs and the racecourse. However it wasn't until 1 June 1928 that the School was formally opened by Sir John Chancellor as "The Milton School". The school's colours are plumbago (dark grey) and Oxford blue with the school crest based on an early version of the City of Bulawayo's crest, whereas the motto is Greek and translates as "Quit ye like men". The school was initially divided into four houses; Charter (boarders), Pioneer (boarders), North Town and South Town, however due to the dominance of the "boarders" four new houses were introduced in 1938, they were; Birchenough, Borrow, Fairbridge and Heany.

At the start of 1950 Milton had 420 boys, but by the end of 1951 this figure rose to 581 creating a "housing crisis", two classrooms were built in 12 days along with two marquees which were erected on the open space between the main block and the dining hall. In 1953, after ten years of planning and fund raising (£5000 from State Lotteries and £1000 from the Baron family as a memorial to their father), Milton's swimming pool was opened at a cost of £17,500

In 1954 there were 644 pupils, by 1957 this figure had risen to over 700, a year later there were in excess of 900. With over 200 boys per house four new games houses were launched; Brady, Chancellor, Malvern and Rhodes.

In 1961 Milton had 1150 boys, which made it the largest school in the then Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Malvern and Brady Houses were dropped and the boarding houses of Charter and Pioneer were re-established once again. 1961 also saw the completion of the new economics block, commerce department with a staff room, a double storey administration block and the official opening of the Department of Sixth Form Studies by the Minister of Education D.B.Goldberg.

The school's debate club has won many public speaking and debate competitions.It has produced many great speakers. The rugby team is said to be the greatest team in the country by many magazines.

During 1962 rooms were built to house the woodwork shop, metalwork shop, technical drawing office, storerooms and construction of locking cycle sheds, and a rifle range, while stands were erected on the playing fields. The Old Miltonians were relocated into new premises just across Third Street from Milton High School. Funds were raised to enable the first part of a new clubhouse to be built in 1964 and by 1970 there were facilities for rugby, hockey, cricket, basketball, baseball, bowling and tennis.[1]

The 'Milton Address', the annual address to the school, was made on 26 July 1994 by Zimbabwean politician, David Coltart.[2]

Current teaching staff at Milton include specialist teachers such as Mr. B. T. Gomba (Physics), Mr. G. Kanhiwa (Chemistry), Mr. L. Mangwiro (History), Mr Mukandawire (Woodwork), Mr. S. Nyathi (Art), Mrs S Matsa (Accounting) and Mr. J. Shumba (Metalwork).

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, Prime Minister of South Africa from 1958 until his assassination in 1966.
  • Lewis Banda, a 2002 graduate, Arizona State:Sun Devils Club, competed for Zimbabwe in the 2004 Athens Olympics, finishing ninth overall in the 400m event. Named his nation's Sports Man of the Year
  • Mpumelelo Mbangwa, former Zimbabwe National Cricketor and Supersport Presenter
  • Ntandoyenkosi Moyo
  • John Nyumbu (born 31 May 1985 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe) is a Zimbabwean cricketer
  • Keith Dabengwa (born 17 August 1980) is a Zimbabwean cricketer.
  • Colin Bland,[3] cricketer.
  • Percy Mansell,[3] cricketer.
  • Giles Ridley, cricketer.
  • Wesley Mbanje,
  • Wisdom Moyo
  • Miyamiko Banda is a renowned Zimbabwean Businessman to date, Milton High School Alumni 2012[4]
  • Wisdom Khumalo Runner up of the Robert Mugabe award.Co founder of a water purification and softening project that saw him together with his partner Frank T Chirisa meet his excellency R.G Mugabe in February 2017


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