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Milton Transit
Milton Transit logo.png
Milton Transit 1303.jpg
Chevrolet Arboc SOM26D on Route 1B Industrial Special
FoundedFebruary 2nd, 1972
Headquarters43 Brown St., Milton, ON
Service areaMilton, Ontario
Service typebus service
Routes13 regular
3 school special
3 drop-off
HubsMilton GO Station
OperatorPacific Western Transportation
WebsiteOfficial Website

Milton Transit is the public transit system in the town of Milton, Ontario, Canada. Milton is in Halton Regional Municipality, part of the Greater Toronto Area.

Milton Transit began its present service on August 16, 2004 and expanded from 3 fixed routes to 5 fixed routes on September 5, 2005. It replaced the former dial-a-bus and GO Transit local connector, which used school buses. The fixed route service was operated in partnership with Oakville Transit, which, however, never provided services connecting the municipalities.

Oakville Transit also originally stored and maintained the buses at their garage. Buses were later stored and serviced at the Mississauga Truck and Bus Collision (MTB) facility, in Milton. That eliminated unnecessary travel to/from Oakville, as the buses previously had been deadheaded to and from Oakville each day. Prior to the agreement with MTB, Milton's buses were stored at GO Transit's Milton garage. The Town of Milton extended the contract for conventional transit services with Oakville Transit for a further three years, effective March 1, 2008.[1]

In early 2010, the Town of Milton announced that it would be ending its agreements with Oakville Transit and Mississauga Truck and Bus, and that Pacific Western Transportation would be taking over all aspects of service beginning March 8, 2010.[2]

Since the inauguration of the service, there have been major adjustments in order to connect with the growing population of this town, and to the Milton line commuter train and bus routes operated by GO Transit.



No. Name Major roads and landmarks served Availability
1A/1B Industrial Special Milton GO Station - Ontario Street - Steeles Avenue - Martin Street - High Point Drive - GO 401 Park & Ride - James Snow Parkway N. - Boston Church Road peak Milton Transit bus stop.png
2 Main Milton District Hospital - Bronte Road - Main Street - Milton GO Station - Maple Avenue - Steeles Avenue - Walmart all-day
3 Trudeau Milton GO Station - Derry Road - Trudeau Drive all-day
4 Thompson / Clark Milton GO Station - Thompson Road - Clark Drive - Louis St. Laurent Avenue all-day
5 Yates Milton GO Station - Ontario Street - Laurier Avenue - Holly Avenue - Yates Drive all-day
6 Scott Milton GO Station - Main Street - Scott Boulevard - Pringle Avenue all-day
7 Harrison Milton GO Station - Thompson Road - Derry Road - Scott Boulevard - Dymott Avenue all-day
8 Wilmott Milton GO Station - Ontario Street - Derry Road - Bronte Street - Santa Maria Boulevard all-day
50 School Special Scott Boulevard - Savoline Boulevard - Pringle Avenue - Derry Road - Jean Vanier CSS - Milton District HS before & after school hours
51 School Special Scott Boulevard - Savoline Boulevard - Derry Road - Jean Vanier CSS - Milton District HS before & after school hours
52 School Special Jean Vanier CSS - Louis St. Laurent Avenue - Thompson Road - Craig Kielburger SS - Milton GO Station before & after school hours
61 Glen Eden Slopes Express Milton GO Station - Glen Eden Ski Resort seasonal

Drop-off service[edit]

As the last train from Union Station along the Milton line arrives at the Milton GO Station, drivers will create a routing based on passengers' destinations within the designated zone.

No. Name Major roads and landmarks served Availability
30 Milton West Zone Milton urban area west of Bronte Street evening
31 Milton Central Zone Milton urban area between Thompson Road and Bronte Street evening
32 Milton East Zone Milton urban area east of Thompson Road evening

Community Bus[edit]

Milton Transit also provides community buses for people with seniors as well as those with mobility issues.

Name Major roads and landmarks served Availability
Blue Milton GO Station - Milton Mall - Seniors' Activity Centre - Downtown Milton - Ontario Street - Main Street - Leisure Centre - Library - Loblaws midday
Green Ontario Street North - Downtown Milton - Milton Mall - Seniors' Activity Centre - Ontario Street South - Food Basics - Food Port - Derry Road - Milton District Hospital midday


Trans-cab is a supplementary service that replaces Route 1 between the Milton GO Station and the Milton Hwy 401 Park and Ride facility at Martin Street. Fares are the same as regular Milton Transit Fares, plus an additional 50 cents.[3]


First Canada and A1 Taxi[4] had the contract for accessible services which operate on demand until sometime in 2015. Pacific Western Transportation which also holds the contract for conventional service took over operations of Access+ using a Milton branded bus.


Oakville Transit 3301 Milton.JPG

Milton Transit's fleet consists of 10 New Flyer D40LF (Three purchased in 2009, two in 2010 and 5 used ones in 2014 and 2015), 3 New Flyer XD40's (purchased in 2012) and 3 Chevrolet Arboc SOM26D's in 2013 and two more in 2015, two 2016 Nova Bus LFS for service expansion along with three 2017 and one 2018 Nova Bus LFS. For a detailed fleet summary, see Milton Transit on the CPTDB Wiki.



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