Miltown (band)

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OriginBoston, Massachusetts, United States
GenresPost-hardcore, alternative metal
Years active1995 (1995)–1998 (1998)
LabelsHydra Head Records, Revolution Records
Associated actsOnly Living Witness
Past membersJonah Jenkins
Brian McTernan
Matt Squire
Jay Cannava
Rob Dulaney

Miltown was an American short-lived American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, United States.


The band was formed in 1995 by Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness, Milligram, Raw Radar War) and was signed by Larry Jacobson to Irving Azoff’s Giant Records, aka Revolution Records.

Miltown recorded several demo tapes on their own with guitarist/producer Brian McTernan and guitarist Matt Squire, releasing a CDEP (Hydra Head Records), two 7” vinyl records and one album for Revolution Records with producer Toby Wright which was never released.

After protracted internal and record label disputes, the group subsequently split. Jenkins went on to provide vocals for Milligram and Raw Radar War.

Tales of Never Letting Go (unreleased album)[edit]

Tales of Never Letting Go was recorded in 1998 and was supposed to be the debut album of Miltown but, due to record label conflicts and negative intra-band dynamics, the band split up before the release. Up to now the album has never been released.

Band members[edit]


Miltown s/t 7” (Hydra Head Records) limited pressing of 1000, some colored vinyl[1]
1."No Matter (Side A)"2:53
2."Tales Of Never Letting Go (Side A)"2:45
3."Predatory Male (Side B)"5:23
Miltown/Cast Iron Hike split 7” limited pressing of 1000 [2]
1."Delicate Fiction (Miltown) (Side A)"3:47
2."Jumping Someone Else's Train (Miltown) (Side A)"2:56
3."Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify (GG Allin cover) (Cast Iron Hike) (Side B)"5:15
Miltown s/t CDEP (Hydra Head Records) [3]
1."No Matter"2:53
2."Pop Culture Consequence"3:17
3."Delicate Fiction"3:47
4."Jumping Someone Else's Train"2:56
5."Predatory Male"5:23
6."Tales of Never Letting Go"2:45
Total length:21:04

Contribution with track "No Matter" - 2:53

  • Up The Dosage compilation (Wonderdrug Records) [6]

Contribution with track "Can't Leave Home" - 2:34

Unreleased songs
  • "Cleverer" - 2:38
  • "End Transmission" - 2:58
  • "Unraveling" - 3:12


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