Milyonaryong Mini (2006 TV series)

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Milyonaryong Mini
Genre Sitcom
Directed by R.D. Alba
Starring Randolph Libres
Cathy Gabronino
Cherry Lou
Budoy Marabiles
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Cebuano
No. of episodes 60
Running time 22–24 minutes
Production company(s) ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Original network ABS-CBN Channel 3 Cebu
Original release September 2006 – January 2007

Milyonaryong Mini (Cebuano: Impostor Millionaire) is a Cebuano language sitcom about mistaken identity. It shows the Philippines' social classes between the rich and the poor. The original version was first aired from 1995-1996 and the remake was aired ten years later in 2006.


Berting (Randolph Libres) is a rich guy and his friend Cosme (Budoy Marabiles) is a poor man. Both guys come from the big City and goes back to the province. Berting has a crush on a certain girl, Salud (Cathy Gabronino) who does not entertain rich guys. Salud's sister, Petra (Cherry Lou) on the other hand loves rich guys. So the perfect switch happens when Berting tells Cosme to pretend to be a rich guy, and Berting will pretend to be a poor guy. All goes well at first in getting the girl of Berting's dreams until one day they find out the truth.