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The word mime is used to refer to a mime artist who uses a theatrical medium or performance art involving the acting out of a story through body motions without use of speech.

Mime may also refer to:

  • Mime, an alternative word for lip sync
  • MIME, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  • Mime, a Regin who is a character in Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.
  • Mime (character class), a type of character in the Final Fantasy series of role-playing games
  • Mime, a fictional character in the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends
  • Mime, a style of Dorian Greek poetry also called mime-iambic. Sophron and Herodas were two major authors of them.
  • M.I.M.E - initialism for Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Mime, a unit of imitation in the theory of symbiosism
  • Mr. Mime and Mime Jr., species of Pokémon

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