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Mimi Gross (born 1940) is a New York City born American artist.


Mimi Gross's work spans from painting and drawing, films, mail art, book design, costume and set design, indoor and out of doors installations, diorama and sculpture. She is the daughter of the sculptor Chaim Gross. She grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan among the artist community of her parents, which included Raphael Soyer, Moses Soyer, Arnold Newman, Max Weber and David Burliuk. From 1963-1976 she was married and collaborated with the artist Red Grooms.[1]

She began exhibiting in Provincetown, MA, an artist colony where she spent her summers with her family, in 1957, including a three-woman show at the Sun Gallery in 1958. She had a solo show at the Provincetown Art Association in 1997, as well as several solo shows in various galleries there.

She became well known for large 3-D constructions she made with her husband,[2] including City of Chicago (1967–68), Discount Store (1970–71), Astronauts on the Moon (1972) and Ruckus Manhattan (1975–76).

She has collaborated with the dancer Douglas Dunn on more than 25 dances, designing sets and costumes, beginning with Foot Rules in 1978 and most recently tanks under trees (2008) with text by Anne Waldman and Cassations (2012).[3]


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