Mimi Heinrich

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Mimi Heinrich
Born (1936-11-01) 1 November 1936 (age 80)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation Actor

Mimi Heinrich (born (1936-11-01)1 November 1936) is Danish actress and writer. Outside Denmark she is mostly known for her roles in the cult movies Reptilicus and Journey to the 7th Planet. She had her debut on Det Ny Teater in 1957 and starred in 19 Danish movies between 1953 and 1964.

In the years 1962-1974 she lived in the United States. Mimi Heinrich was married three times. The first time with the American writer Kells Elvins (a close friend of William S. Burroughs) who died in 1962. The second time with Joseph Dubin - head of the legal department of Universal Studios, whom she later divorced and with whom she has two daughters, the painter Maria Dubin and film producer Kristina Dubin. After returning to Denmark she married the Danish painter Christian Reesen Magle with whom she has a son, the composer Frederik Magle.

Since returning to Denmark she has worked primarily as a writer.

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