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Mimi Lo
Chinese name 羅敏莊 (traditional)
Chinese name 罗敏庄 (simplified)
Pinyin Luó Mǐnzhuāng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Lo4 Man5 Zong1 (Cantonese)
Born (1974-12-30) 30 December 1974 (age 43)
Hong Kong
Other names Mia Lo
Origin Hong Kong
Occupation Singer, Actor, TV presenter, Disc jockey)
Years active 1995-present
Genre(s) Cantopop, jazz
Label(s) New Century Workshop (2009–present)
Rock In Records (2003–2009)
Warner Music (1995–1997)
Spouse(s) Power Chan
Influenced by Prudence Liew
Website http://www.mimilo.net/

Mimi Lo Man-chong (born 30 December 1974), is a cantopop singer, actress, and radio DJ, having released 11 studio albums and appearing in numerous films, television dramas and stage productions, currently affiliated with TVB in Hong Kong.


Early singing career[edit]

Lo was signed to Warner Music Hong Kong in 1995 and released her debut EP and studio album, which brought her immediate attention in the music industry with her breakthrough hit and signature song, "挑戰者 The Challenger". She won the silver award for Most Promising Newcomer at the 1995 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation.[1]

However, with personnel issues at Warner Music in 1996, her second album was delayed indefinitely. It was finally released in 1997 with little promotion and was a commercial failure.[2] She was then dropped by Warner Music Hong Kong. Subsequently, Lo asked to be released from her management contract at Music Sense. However, a clause in the contract restricted her from appearing in any public performances for three years and forced her into hiatus.[2] At this time, her radio DJ friends invited her to work at Radio Television Hong Kong behind the scenes as a receptionist and secretary until her contract restriction was over. During this 3-year hiatus, Lo admitted to suffering from depression as a result of the turmoil.[1]

Post hiatus[edit]

In 2002, Lo signed with Hong Kong television station TVB and began her full-time acting career. She also became a radio DJ at Radio Television Hong Kong's RTHK 2 station. In 2003, she signed with local independent record label, Rock In Records and began recording cover versions of Cantonese, Mandarin and English songs to be released as cover albums in Super Audio format for audiophiles. Due to the Hong Kong audiophile market being a relatively niche market plus the fact that Lo had turned into a full-time actress, her singer status was slowly forgotten by the Hong Kong public.[2]

Career resurgence[edit]

In 2010, Lo appeared in an episode of the singing competition The Voice when contestant Penny Chan asked her to perform a duet with him during a round of competition. He chose her power ballad signature song, "挑戰者 The Challenger". Her flawless rendition of the song garnered universal praise. Judge Anthony Lun mentioned during his critique, "I wish there are more singers in Hong Kong like Mimi." Upon hearing this, Lo broke into tears.[2] Lo then went on to thank the contestant for choosing her and her song as no one has sung her songs in 15 years. Host Sammy Leung then asked the audience to go pick Lo's songs to sing at karaoke.

Her performance on the show sparked public interest in her past singing career on Hong Kong's media forums. Upon airing of the episode, "挑戰者 The Challenger" hit number six on popular Hong Kong karaoke chain KKBox's song chart on July 1, 2010.[3] Lo suddenly found herself in the spotlight once again with media attention and newfound fans to her music. She was asked by TVB to co-host its long-time running music program, Jade Solid Gold with MC Jin starting 23 July 2010.[4] She also released her compilation album, Very Meaningful with songs from her days at Warner Music in August 2010. Included is a re-recording of "挑戰者 The Challenger" as a bonus single.[5] The album hit number 3 on Yesasia's sales chart on August 30, 2010.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Lo married actor Power Chan in December 2009 after dating for seven years.[1] In an interview, Lo stated that her husband did not know her as a singer when he first met her, only as an actress.[2]



Year Title English Translation Album type Label Notes
1995 心軟 Tender-Hearted Studio EP Warner Music credited as Mia Lo
一生也在等... Waiting My Whole Life... Studio album Warner Music credited as Mia Lo
1997 一顆恨嫁的心 A Marriage-Hungry Heart Studio album Warner Music credited as Mia Lo
2003 Mimi Lo 羅敏莊 Mimi Lo Cover album Rock In Records Audiophile SACD release
2004 這一曲送給你 This Song is for You Cover album Rock In Records Audiophile SACD release
2006 都市戀曲 Urban Love Songs Cover album Rock In Records Audiophile SACD release
2007 You're My Everything Cover album Rock In Records Audiophile SACD release
2008 Very Personal Cover album Rock In Records Audiophile SACD release
2009 羅敏莊發燒精選 Mimi Lo Hi-Fi Collection Cover compilation album Rock In Records Audiophile SACD release
楓戀蜜語 Maple Love, Sweet Words Cover album New Century Workshop Audiophile SACD release
2010 Very Meaningful Compilation album New Century Workshop
2012 我做到 I Did It Studio album New Century Workshop


Motion pictures[edit]

  • 1997 夜半2點鐘 2:00AM


Television (as presenter)[edit]

  • 2010–present 勁歌金曲 Jade Solid Gold (TVB)
  • 2010 超級巨聲 The Voice (TVB) - guest presenter (Season 2, Episodes 13-14)
  • 2005 東張西望 Scoop (TVB)
  • 2001 K-100 (TVB)

Radio host[edit]

  • Made in Hong Kong 李志剛 (Made in Hong Kong Lee Chi Kwong) (RTHK 2)
  • 人間定格 Happy Hour (People Freeze Frame Happy Hour) (RTHK 2)
  • 瘋 Show 快活人 (Crazy Show Happy People) (RTHK 2)
  • 倫住嚟試 (Trying One By One) (RTHK 2)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category For Result Notes
1995 1995 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation Most Promising Newcomer Award Won Silver Award
2007 TVB Anniversary Awards (2007) Best Supporting Actress A Change of Destiny Nominated
2010 TVB Anniversary Awards (2010) Most Improved Female Artist The Beauty of the Game, The Season of Fate, Don Juan DeMercado, My Better Half, Jade Solid Gold Nominated


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