Mimic 3: Sentinel

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Mimic 3: Sentinel
DVD cover
Directed by JT Petty
Produced by Cary Granat
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Written by JT Petty
Starring Lance Henriksen
Karl Geary
Alexis Dziena
Rebecca Mader
Music by Henning Lohner
Distributed by Miramax Films
Release dates
  • September 8, 2003 (2003-09-08)
Running time
77 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10 million

Mimic 3: Sentinel is a 2003 science fiction horror film, directed by JT Petty,[1] with a script inspired by a short story of the same name by Donald A. Wollheim. The movie was a direct-to-DVD sequel to Mimic (1997) and Mimic 2 (2001).

Mimic 3: Sentinel stars horror film veteran Lance Henriksen and takes a departure from the tone of the first two films, as it has a feel similar to Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window rather than the action/horror tone of its predecessors.


Unable to leave the germ-free confines of his sterilized bedroom for any real stretch of time, environmentally hypersensitive Marvin (Karl Geary) spends his days taking pictures of his neighbors from his window. Occasionally catching glimpses of his young sister Rosy (Alexis Dziena) hanging out with the neighborhood drug dealer, Marvin's lens remains mostly fixed on a mysterious neighbor known as the Garbageman (Lance Henriksen) and pretty neighbor Carmen (Rebecca Mader), while his slightly overbearing mother (Amanda Plummer) rests on the couch. As neighbors begin disappearing and mysterious figures move in and out of Marvin's viewfinder, the secluded voyeur begins to suspect that a sinister force is at work in his neighborhood. Though Rosy and Carmen are anxious to assist in a little detective work, the situation soon begins to spiral out of control upon the discovery that the Judas Breed is far from extinct.


  • Martial-arts star Gary Daniels was up for the role of Detective Gary Dumars, played by John Kapelos.
  • The Marvin Montrose character was originally scripted to be a 13-year-old boy.


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