Min, Marquis of Jin

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Min, Marquis of Jin
Ruler of the State of Jin
Reign704–678 BC
PredecessorMarquis Xiaozi of Jin
SuccessorDuke Wu of Jin
Died678 BC
FatherMarquis E of Jin

Min, Marquis of Jin (simplified Chinese: 晋侯缗; traditional Chinese: 晉侯緡; pinyin: Jìn Hóu Mín) was the last ruler of the state of Jin from the original branch of the ruling House of Ji. His ancestral name was Ji (姬), given name Min (緡). When Duke Wu of Quwo killed Marquis Xiaozi of Jin, King Huan of Zhou installed Min on the throne as Marquis of Jin. He reigned for 27 years.

In 678 BC, Duke Wu of Quwo attacked and conquered Jin. Duke Wu of Quwo offered gifts to King Xi of Zhou, who in turn made Duke Wu of Quwo the next ruler of Jin and gave him the title of Duke Wu of Jin (晉武公). Quwo finally annexed Jin and changed its name to Jin.

Min, Marquis of Jin
Cadet branch of the House of Ji
 Died: 678 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Marquis Xiaozi of Jin
Marquis of Jin
704–678 BC
Succeeded by
Duke Wu of Jin
as Duke of Jin