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Family name:

  • : "urge on"

In given names:

Revised Romanization Min
McCune–Reischauer Min

Min is an uncommon Korean family name as well as a common syllable in Korean given names.

As a family name[edit]

The family name Min is written with only one hanja (). The 2000 South Korean Census found 142,572 people with this family name, up by 3.8 percent from 137,317 in the 1985 census. This increase was far smaller than the fifteen percent growth in the overall South Korean population over the same period.[1] They traced their origins to only a single bon-gwan, Yeoheung-gun (now in Yeoju City), Gyeonggi-do.[2] Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do was the place where they formed the highest concentration of the local population, with 1,100 people (2.88%), down from 2,243 (3.56%) in the 1985 census.[1] Historically, Min family is known for being one of the few clans which were in control of the government over the king during the Joseon Dynasty, along with Andong Kim and Pungyang Cho clan.[citation needed]

People with the family name Min include:

  • Queen Inhyeon (1667–1701), Queen consort of King Sukjong of Joseon and one of the best known Queens of the Joseon Dynasty
  • Queen Min (1851–1895), Queen consort of King Gojong of the Joseon Dynasty and one of the best known Queens of the Joseon Dynasty
  • Queen Wongyeong (1365-1420), Queen consort of King Taejong of Joseon and mother of King Sejong the Great of Joseon
  • Min Yeong-hwan (1861–1905), Korean Empire official
  • Min Yeong-chan (1873–?), Korean Empire official
  • Min Hyun-sik (born 1946), South Korean male architect
  • Min Byung-doo (born 1958), South Korean politician
  • Min Gyeong-seung (born 1962), South Korean male fencer
  • Min Joon-ki (born 1968), South Korean male film director
  • Min Hae-kyung (born 1962), South Korean female singer
  • Min Hye-sook (born 1970), South Korean female team handball player
  • Min Kyu-dong (born 1970), South Korean film director
  • Min Young-Ki (born 1976), South Korean male football player
  • Min Ryoung (born 1982), South Korean male short track speed skater
  • Min Hyo-rin (born Jung Eun-ran, 1986), South Korean actress
  • Min Sun-ye (born 1989), South Korean female singer, former member of Wonder Girls
  • Na-On Min (born 1988), South Korean female golfer
  • Min Sang-gi (born 1991), South Korean male football player
  • Suga (musician) (born Min Yoon-gi, 1993), South Korean male rapper, member of BTS
  • Grace Min (born 1994), American female tennis player of Korean descent
  • Min Jong-gi, 21st-century South Korean male politician
  • Klara Min, 21st-century South Korean female pianist

In given names[edit]

As name element[edit]

There are 27 hanja with the reading Min on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be used in given names; the most common ones are listed in the table above. The meaning differs based on the hanja which the name contains.[3] Many names containing this syllable have been popular for newborn children in South Korea in recent decades:

Other given names with this syllable include:


People with the single-syllable given name Min include:

  • Geum Min (born 1962), South Korean politician
  • Namkoong Min (born 1978), South Korean film and television actor
  • Kang Min (born 1982), South Korean professional StarCraft player
  • Sung Min (swimmer) (born 1982), South Korean swimmer
  • Park Min (born 1986), South Korean football player

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