Min Dikkha

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Min Dikkha
Koe-thaung Temple built by King Dikkha[1]
King of Arakan
Reign11 January 1554 – 6 March 1556
PredecessorMin Bin
SuccessorSaw Hla
Sunday, 877 ME
Mrauk U
Died6 March 1556 (aged 40)
Friday, 10th waning of Tabaung 917 ME[note 1]
Mrauk U
ConsortSaw Thanda
Saw Mi Latt
Issue14 sons and 8 daughters including Min Saw Hla and Min Sekkya[2]
FatherMin Bin
MotherSaw Kauk Ma[3]
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

Min Dikkha (Burmese: မင်းတိက္ခာ, Burmese pronunciation: [mɪ́ɴ deiʔ kʰà]; 1515–1556) was ruler of the Kingdom of Mrauk U from 1554 to 1556. He was the heir-apparent of the kingdom for 22 years during the reign of his father, King Min Bin. Dikkha was an able military commander who led the Arakanese navy in Min Bin's conquest of Bengal in 1532–1533.[4] He led the Royal Arakanese Navy in the Taungoo–Ava War (1538–45),[note 2] and in the Taungoo–Mrauk-U War (1545–47).[5] He built the Koe-thaung Temple, the largest of all temples in Mrauk U during his short reign.[1]


  1. ^ The Rakhine Razawin Thit chronicle (Sandamala Linkara Vol. 2 1999: 46) says he died on Friday, 10th waning of Tabaung 918 ME, which translates to Tuesday, 23 February 1557. The year 918 ME is a typo; it should be 917 ME for the following reasons: (1) The chronicle on the next page (Sandamala Linkara Vol. 2 1999: 47) says his successor Min Saw Hla died on Monday, Full moon of Wagaung 926 ME (Monday, 24 July 1564) after having reigned for about 8 and a half years, meaning Min Saw Hla came to power in 1556, not 1557; (2) 10th waning of Tabaung 917 ME (6 March 1556) was a Friday as reported.
  2. ^ The Burmese chronicle Hmannan Yazawin (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 207) identifies the admiral as "upayaza". Typically, Upayaza means the crown prince, who would have been Dikkha. Note however that Min Bin had a son by concubine Saw Nandi named Upayaza per (Sandamala Linkara 1999: 34). Still, "Upayza" in the standard chronicles means crown prince, not as a proper name. In fact, Hmannan (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 227) explicitly refers to the Mrauk-U crown prince as "Upayaza the son of the king (Min Bin)".


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Min Dikkha
Born: 1515 Died: 6 March 1556
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Min Bin
King of Mrauk-U
11 January 1554 – 6 March 1556
Succeeded by
Saw Hla