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Min Xiaofen (simplified Chinese: 闵小芬; traditional Chinese: 閔小芬; pinyin: Mǐn Xiǎofēn) is a Chinese pipa player and vocalist, known for her work in traditional Chinese music, contemporary classical music, and jazz.

She studied with her father, Min Ji-Qian, a professor and pipa instructor at Nanjing University, and performed as pipa soloist for the Nanjing National Music Orchestra from 1980 to 1992.

Min emigrated to the United States in 1992, first settling in San Francisco, California, and since that time has worked with numerous contemporary composers, including Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Carl Stone, Anthony De Ritis, Marc Battier, and John Zorn. She has worked with the jazz saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom.

Min lives in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.[1] She is also a founder of Blue Pipa, Inc.

Min worked with Björk on the song "I See Who You Are" on Björk's album Volta, released on May 7, 2007.


  • The Moon Rising (Cala)
  • Spring, River, Flower, Moon, Night (Asphodel)
  • Socket (Amulet)


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