Min kärlekssång till dig

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"Min kärlekssång till dig"
Single by Lasse Berghagen
A-side "Min kärlekssång till dig"
B-side "De' e' slut"
Released 1974
Format Grammophone record
Genre Acoustic pop
Songwriter(s) Lasse Berghagen
Producer(s) Kit Sundqvist

Min kärlekssång till dig (My Lovesong For You), also called "Jag har köpt mig en akustisk gitarr" ("I Have Bought Me an Acoustic Guitar") as per the beginning of the song, is a 1974 pop song written by Lasse Berghagen. Berghagen contested Melodifestivalen 1974 with this song and finished on 2nd place, and at the performance he played an acoustic guitar.


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