Mina (TV series)

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Genre Drama, Romance
Written by Seo Hyun-joo
Directed by Kim Jae-soon
Starring Chae Jung-an
Kim Sa-rang
Kim Seung-soo
Ahn Jae-mo
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 16
Executive producer(s) Lee Gyu-hwan
Producer(s) Lee Seong-yeon
Running time Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:50 (KST)
Original network Korean Broadcasting System
Original release November 5 (2001-11-05) – December 24, 2001 (2001-12-24)
Preceded by Pure Heart
Followed by Winter Sonata
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Revised Romanization Mi-na
McCune–Reischauer Mi-na

Mina (Hangul미나) is a South Korean television series that aired on KBS2 in 2001.[1]


Park Mina, a highly popular singer who's won the hearts of many fans, gets into a car accident when her car swerves to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The car, which fell into a ditch, explodes and causes Mina to suffer second, third and fourth-degree burns on her body.

Mina's manager Kang Joon-seo happens to find Kim Soo-ryun, who looks almost exactly like Mina. Joon-seo initially asks Soo-ryun to take Mina's place for a short period of time until the real singer recovers. Soo-ryun agrees to the proposal because she badly needs money for her mother's surgical fees and her brother's tuition. After undergoing rigorous training from Joon-seo, Soo-ryun emerges as a near-perfect replica of Mina. However, Soo-ryun falls in love with Mina's boyfriend Jung Tae-hoon, and becomes enamored with fame and fortune.

Meanwhile, the real Mina returns, but the plastic surgeons were unable to restore her original appearance. Joon-seo, thinking that fans would not accept her new face, refuses to allow Mina to continue her singing career. Mina goes on television to reveal her true identity, and as Tae-hoon begins to investigate, Soo-ryun and Joon-seo feel threatened.

Mina later learns that Soo-ryun is her identical twin sister, and they had been abandoned at a Catholic orphanage after birth.

Soo-ryun asks Tae-hoon to forgive her, but he rejects her when he realizes that Joon-seo and Soo-ryun conspired to prevent the real Mina from coming back.

Depressed, Soo-ryun attempts to commit suicide. But Joon-seo stops her in time and tells her to prepare her final performance as Mina.



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