Mina al Fahal

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Mina Al Fahal from sea

Mina' al Fahal (Arabic: ميناء الفحل‎, also known as Miana al Fahl, Saih al Malieh, and Saih al-Malih) is a coastal area in the northeast of Oman, near to the country's capital, Muscat. It was renamed from Saih al Maleh as the petroleum processing plant was developed. It is a key area for the country's petroleum operations. Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is based at Mina al Fahal, and the Oman Refinery Company (ORC) has an 104,000 b/d oil refinery located here. Crude oil and refinery products are loaded onto tankers off Mina Al Fahal by subsea pipeline and SBM (Single Buoy Mooring) Systems. Two of the SBMs are owned by PDO for crude export and the third is owned by SOM (Shell Oman Marketing).

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Coordinates: 23°37′N 58°30′E / 23.62°N 58.50°E / 23.62; 58.50