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Mina Radhakrishnan is an entrepreneur and product manager. She is currently an entrepreneur in residence at Redpoint Ventures, and an adviser and mentor to other companies. She previously worked at Uber as their first product manager, and she shares the patent for Uber's surge pricing verification system.


Radhakrishnan graduated from Cornell University in 2004 with degrees in computer science and cognitive science.[1] She began her career as a business analyst for Goldman Sachs. She later joined Google as a member of the Associate Product Management program,[1] and then ModCloth as one of their first product managers.[2] She was the first product manager at Uber and later ran the company's product team for three years, leading initiatives such as new driver onboarding and the addition of other types of car services.[3] She is one of five inventors who jointly hold Uber's 2013 patent on surge pricing.[4] She has spoken at the TwilioCon and #ProductSF conference, and been interviewed on CBS News.[5] She currently serves as an entrepreneur in residence at startup investment firm Redpoint Ventures, and as special adviser to Cowboy Ventures. She also advises and mentors other companies.[1]


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