Mina quasi Jannacci

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Mina quasi Jannacci
Studio album by Mina
Released October 1977
Recorded at PDU studios in Lugano
Length 37:25
Label PDU
Mina chronology
Del mio meglio n. 4
(1977)Del mio meglio n. 41977
Mina quasi Jannacci
Mina con bignè
(1977)Mina con bignè1977

Mina quasi Jannacci is an album by Italian singer Mina, released in October 1977.

The album contains ten songs originally written by Enzo Jannacci, who duets with Mina on this album. All ten songs were reinterpreted and special arrangements for the orchestra was written by Gianni Ferrio. The album was originally sold as a double LP along with Mina con bignè. The first edition of the two LPs were sold with their respective covers in a canvas bag bearing Mina's autograph.

The song Vita vita was used the same year for the soundtrack of the film Great Boiled, by Mauro Bolognini.

Track listing[edit]

1."Rino"Enzo Jannacci2:17
2."E l'era tardi"Enzo Jannacci3:33
3."Saxophone"Enzo Jannacci-Beppe Viola3:22
4."Vincenzina e la fabbrica"Enzo Jannacci3:53
5."Tira a campà"Enzo Jannacci-Beppe Viola-Lina Wertmuller5:37
6."La sera che partì mio padre"Enzo Jannacci4:26
7."Vita vita"Enzo Jannacci-Beppe Viola3:46
8."E savè"Enzo Jannacci4:35
9."Sfiorisci bel fiore"Enzo Jannacci4:00
10."Ecco tutto qui"Enzo Jannacci3:56
Total length:37:25