Minahasa Peninsula

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Minahasa Peninsula
Minahassa Peninsula topographic map - id.svg
The Minahasa Peninsula is the long peninsula in northern Sulawesi, north of the Gulf of Tomini.
Minahasa Peninsula is located in Sulawesi
Minahasa Peninsula
Minahasa Peninsula
LocationSoutheast Asia
Coordinates0°50′00″N 121°0′00″E / 0.83333°N 121.00000°E / 0.83333; 121.00000Coordinates: 0°50′00″N 121°0′00″E / 0.83333°N 121.00000°E / 0.83333; 121.00000
Adjacent bodies of waterCelebes Sea
Molucca Sea
Gulf of Tomini
Makassar Strait
Province North Sulawesi
 Central Sulawesi
Largest settlementManado

The Minahasa Peninsula, also spelled Minahassa, is one of the four principal peninsulas on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It stretches north from the central part of the island, before turning to the east and forming the northern boundary of the Gulf of Tomini and the southern boundary of the Celebes Sea.

The peninsula is divided into North Sulawesi and Gorontalo provinces, as well as part of Central Sulawesi. Its largest cities are Manado and Gorontalo, while Palu is located at its base.

The Minahasan languages, a branch of the Philippine languages, are spoken on the peninsula.


The Minahasan politician Antoinette Waroh was born here in 1901.