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Minami Kyushu University Miyazaki Campus

Minami Kyushu University (南九州大学, Minami Kyūshū daigaku) is a private university in Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1962, and it was chartered as a university in 1967.

Minami Kyushu Junior College
Junior college

Minami Kyushu Junior College[edit]

Minami Kyushu Junior College (南九州短期大学, Minami Kyūshū Tanki Daigakubu) is a private junior college in Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan.

The junior college was founded in 1965 as a coeducational college, but later became women-only. From April 1, 1999, it became coeducational again.[citation needed] It offers courses in international studies.

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