Minamichita Road

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Minamichita Road

Japanese Route Sign Number 7.svg
Minamichita Road
Route information
Length: 19.6 km (12.2 mi)
Existed: 1970[1][2] – present
Major junctions
From: Handa Interchange in Handa, Aichi
Japan road sign 325.svg Chitahantō Road
Aichi Prefectural Route 34
To: Toyooka Interchange in Minamichita, Aichi
Aichi Prefectural Route 7
Aichi Prefectural Route 280
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

The Minamichita Road (南知多道路?, Minamichita Dōro) is a 4-laned expressway, toll road in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is managed by Aichi Prefectural Road Public Corporation.


Officially the road is designated as Aichi Prefectural Route 7. The road is designated for motor vehicles only (自動車専用道路?, Jidōsha Senyō Dōro) (motor vehicles must have a displacement of at least 125 cc), and the design standard of the road is similar to national expressways.

The road connects the southern portion of the Chita Peninsula with Nagoya through the Chitahantō Road. A toll plaza formerly separated these two roads since the Chitahantō Road was administered by Japan Highway Public Corporation, however since the administration of that road was transferred to Aichi Prefectural Road Public Corporation the toll plaza has been abandoned and a unified toll structure has been implemented.

Interchange list[edit]

Name Connections Dist. from
Ōdaka IC
Notes Location
(all in Aichi)
Through to Japan road sign 325.svg Chitahantō Road
Handa IC Pref. Route 34 (Handa Tokoname Route) 20.9 Handa
Taketoyo IC/
Pref. Route 71 (Taketoyo Kosugaya Route) 26.5 PA: Handa-bound only Taketoyo
Mihama PA Toyooka-bound only Mihama
Mihama IC Pref. Route 274 (Kosugaya Kōwa Route) 31.3
Minamichita IC Pref. Route 52 (Handa Minamichita Route) 35.5
Toyooka Toll Gate
Kō IC 37.4 Toyooka-bound exit, Handa-bound entrance only
Toyooka IC Pref. Route 280 (Toyooka Toyohama Route) 40.5 Minamichita
Expressway ends, road continues as Pref. Route 7


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