Minaret of Israel

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Minaret of Israel

The Minaret of Israel (Arabic: ‎‎ منارة إسرائيل; Minarat Israil), also known as Minaret of the Tribes (Arabic: ‎‎ منارة الأسباط ;Minarat al-Asbat), is one of the four minarets of the Temple Mount and is situated along the north wall.[1]


Considered the most notable minaret on the Temple Mount, the Minaret of Israel was built in 1367. It is composed of a cylindrical stone shaft (built later by the Ottomans), which springs up from a rectangular Mamluk-built base on top of a triangular transition zone.[2] The shaft narrows above the muezzin's balcony, and is dotted with circular windows,[3] ending with a bulbous dome. The dome was reconstructed after the 1927 Jericho earthquake.[2]

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