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Minarni (later Minarni Soedaryanto; 10 May 1944 in Pasuruan, East Java – 14 May 2003 in Pertamina Hospital, South Jakarta) was an Indonesian badminton player who won major titles around the world and who represented her country internationally between 1959 and 1975. In 1968 Minarni became the first Indonesian to reach the final of women's singles at the prestigious All-England Championships, and with Retno Kustijah formed the first of only two Indonesian women's doubles teams yet to capture the All-England title.[1] She also won titles at the Indonesian National Championships, the quadrennial Asian Games, the Asian Championships, and at the Malaysia, USA, Canadian, Singapore, and New Zealand Opens.[2] Minarni first played in the then triennial Uber Cup competition for Indonesia in her mid teens (1959).[3] In her last Uber Cup campaign (1974-1975) her excellent doubles play helped Indonesia to win its first women's world team title.[4]


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