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Crest of Minas Tenis Clube.svg
Full name Minas Tênis Clube
Short name Minas
Founded 1935
Ground Vivo Arena, Belo Horizonte
(Capacity: 4,000)
Chairman Brazil Luiz Gustavo Lage
Manager Brazil Marco Antonio Queiroga
Captain Brazil Daniele Vianna Fagundes Ciprandi
League Brazilian Superliga
2016–17 4th
Website Club home page
Active departments of Minas TC
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Artistic Gymnastics Basketball (men's) Futsal (men's)
Judo pictogram.svg Swimming pictogram.svg Tennis pictogram.svg
Judo Swimming Tennis
Gymnastics (trampoline) pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg
Trampolining Volleyball (men's) Volleyball (women's)

Minas Tênis Clube is a Brazilian women's volleyball team from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. It is part of the multi sports Minas Tênis Clube. Currently it plays in the Brazilian Superleague and the Minas Gerais state league.


The early years[edit]

Volleyball has been practiced in Minas since its opening, in 1937.

L'aqua di Fiori era[edit]

During the early 1990s, Minas was one of the most successful teams in Brazil. The team was second place in the 1991-92, and won the 1992-93 Brazilian League. The main players were Hilma, Ana Paula, Leila and Ana Flávia, whom also played for the Brazil women's national volleyball team.

The MRV era[edit]

From late 1990's until the season 2010/2011 the team played with the name MRV/Minas. During this period the team had noticeable performance, winning its second Brazilian Superleague championship, and also being runner-up twice.

Usiminas era[edit]

During the seasons 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 the team played under the name Usiminas/Minas. The team achieved fourth and seventh positions, respectively, in the Brazilian Superliga.

Present days[edit]

In April 2013 Usiminas announced that it would not renew the partnership. The team did not signed with any other sponsor and will play the season 2013/2014 without sponsorship, using the club's original name. In the beginning of 2014 the team signed the contract, and changed its commercial name to Decisão Engenharia/Minas. For the season 2014/2015 the team started playing under the name Camponesa/Minas. After a poor start to the season, losing the first six matches, the team signed olympic champion wing-spiker Jaqueline Carvalho, who was a free agent after missing the entire previous season due to her pregnancy, led by her, the team quickly turned its fortunes around, finishing 5th in the regular season and making to the semifinals, where they lost to Rexona-Ades. In 2015-16, despite Jaqueline's departure to SESI-SP, the team had its best season since the MRV years, finishing 3rd in the regular season, once again losing in the semifinals, this time to intrastate rival Dentil/Praia Clube.

For the 2016-17 season, the team signed american opposite Destinee Hooker on a prove-it deal. Without her to start the season, however, the tam was very inconsistent, sitting at a 3-4 record after the first 7 games. During that span, the team signed Jaqueline once again in the free agency, after she found herself without a team for months following the end of the 2015-16 season. Hooker finally debuted in a 3-2 win over Fluminense in the following game, Jaqueline debuted later during midseason. Anchored by Hooker, aided by Jaqueline and also counting on a breakout years from young players like wing-spiker Rosamaria and middle-blocker Mara, the team proceeded to win 12 of the 15 final games (including a 9-game win streak), finishing 4th in the final regular season standings. Once again, Minas found themselves defeated in the semifinals, in a thrilling 5-game series against Rexona-Sesc. Despite missing the first 7 games, Hooker finished as the 2nd highest scorer in the tournament with 404 points, beating teammate Rosamaria (who scored 403 herself) and only behind Vôlei Nestlé's Tandara Caixeta. Hooker also finished the tournament as the most efficient spiker, making the Superliga team of the year. Mara also made it, as she finished 3rd in blocks but was also the most efficient blocker of the tournament on a per play basis.





2016-2017 squad[edit]

As of November 2016[3]

Head coach: Brazil Paulo Coco

# Name Birth Height Position
1 Brazil Mara Leão 26 September 1991 1.90 Middle-Blocker
2 Brazil Carol Gattaz 27 July 1981 1.92 Middle-Blocker
3 Brazil Naiane Rios 29 November 1994 1.80 Setter
4 Brazil Karine Guerra 25 February 1979 1.76 Setter
6 Brazil Maria Clara 9 June 1996 1.78 Setter
7 Brazil Priscila Daroit 10 August 1988 1.83 Wing-Spiker
8 Brazil Jaqueline Carvalho 31 December 1983 1.86 Wing-Spiker
9 Brazil Rosamaria Montibeller 9 April 1994 1.85 Wing/Opposite
10 Brazil Maiara Basso 3 January 1996 1.87 Wing-Spiker
11 Brazil Renata Maggioni 21 April 1988 1.90 Middle-Blocker
12 United States Destinee Hooker 7 September 1987 1.90 Opposite
13 Brazil Francyne Aparecida 16 July 1992 1.88 Middle-Blocker
14 Brazil Mayany de Souza 24 November 1996 1.85 Middle-Blocker
15 Brazil Georgia Cattani 9 March 1997 1.62 Libero
16 Brazil Karoline Tormena 21 March 1996 1.86 Wing-Spiker
17 Brazil Natália Alves Monteiro 1 March 1997 1.80 Wing-Spiker
18 Brazil Domingas Soares de Araújo 9 September 1994 1.84 Wing-Spiker
19 Brazil Léia Silva 1 March 1985 1.60 Libero


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