Minashi Shrine

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Minashi Shrine
Minashi Shrine
Location5323 Ishinomiya-machi Ishihara, Takayama-shi, Gifu-ken 502-0071Japan
Minashi Shrine is located in Japan
Minashi Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates36°05′7.10″N 137°15′6.7″E / 36.0853056°N 137.251861°E / 36.0853056; 137.251861Coordinates: 36°05′7.10″N 137°15′6.7″E / 36.0853056°N 137.251861°E / 36.0853056; 137.251861
Date established9th century
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Minashi Shrine haiden

Minashi Shrine (水無神社, Minashi Jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in the city of Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The kanji for the shrine are also sometimes read as Suimu. The full name is Hida Ichinomiya Minashi Shrine (飛騨一宮水無神社 Hida Ichinomiya Minashi Jinja), as it is the ichinomiya of former Hida Province.


There are no official records marking the construction of the shrine; however, during the reign of Emperor Seiwa (858–878), the shrine appears in official records and was given Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade court rank. The shrine is listed in the Engishiki records. During the Kamakura period, it was referred toes the "Minashi Dai-gongen" and in the Muromachi period as the "Minashi Myōjin" or the "Minashi Hachiman". In the former Modern system of ranked Shinto Shrines, it was a National Shrine of the 3rd rank (国幣小社, Kokuhei-Shosha).

Because of the bombing of Nagoya in World War II, Minashi Shrine served as a refuge for Atsuta Shrine's Kusanagi from August 21 to September 19, 1945.

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