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MindGenius logo.png
MindGenius format ribbon.png
Developer(s) MindGenius
Stable release 5.1 / June 2013
Operating system Microsoft Windows/iPad
Type Mind mapping
License Commercial
Website http://www.mindgenius.com/

MindGenius is a mind mapping software application. It has been available commercially since 2001. Development on the product began in 2000, and the latest version (4.20) was released in December 2011[1]

The product used in several British universities and colleges of higher education[2] [3] [4][5] .[6]

MindGenius is available in two different installations; MindGenius Business and MindGenius Education.

Version history[edit]

Date Name Version
November 2006 MindGenius Business & Education 2.42
Feb 2009 MindGenius Business & Education 2.50
October 2009 MindGenius Business & Education 3.00
May 2011 MindGenius Business & Education 4.00
October 2011 MindGenius Business & Education 4.10
December 2011 MindGenius Business & Education 4.20
June 2013 MindGenius Business & Education 5.0


MindGenius contains a series of export features. Users can export mind maps to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Excel. Users also have the option to export to PDF as well as a number of imaging formats or to use the integrated Gantt view for task and project management.[7][8][9]

Version 4.2 of MindGenius is capable of integrating with Microsoft SharePoint. Users can open maps hosted within a SharePoint environment directly from MindGenius, while the application handles check out, editing, check in and document revisions.


Originally part of the Gael group of companies, MindGenius Ltd was formed in March 2008. The Gael group are also the vendors of the application Q-Pulse.[10]

In September 2008 MindGenius Ltd became certified Microsoft Partners with an ISV / Software Solution competency, and the MindGenius application achieved Microsoft Vista certification status at the same time.[11]


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