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Developer(s) SimTech Systems
Stable release
v16,8005 / February,2016
Operating system [[Microsoft Windows] [iOS] [Android]]
Type Mind mapping, Planner
License Commercial
Website www.mindmapper.com

MindMapper is a Microsoft Windows-based visual mapping program developed by SimTech Systems, that allows users to create mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, organizational charts, process maps, Gantt charts and Ishikawa diagrams. MindMapper offers integration with Microsoft Office and Unicode support. The new MindMapper combines a versatile visual mapping tool with a convenience of a planner and bird's-eye view of a dashboard, creating a perfect visual tool to help users achieve goals and manage schedules. Dashboard is bird’s-eye view the past, present and future activities. The visual map is a project blueprint that facilitates ideation and collaboration. The Planner is a time management tool that fosters project execution. MindMapper was first developed as an in-house tool to help with industrial simulation projects for SimTech Systems in 1997.

Release History[edit]

  • 1997: MindMapper 1.0
  • 1999: MindMapper 2.0
  • 2001: MindMapper 3.0
  • 2004: MindMapper 4.0
  • 2006: MindMapper 5.0
  • Sept. 2007: MindMapper 2008
  • Feb. 2009: MindMapper 2009
  • Sept. 2011: MindMapper 12
  • Sept. 2011: MindMapper Mobile for Android
  • Oct. 2012: MindMapper Mobile for iOS
  • Apr. 2014: MindMapper 14
  • Dec. 2015: MindMapper 16 with Planner and Mapper
  • Jan. 2016: MindMapper Mobile for iOS with Planner

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