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MindMeister logo.png
Developer(s) MeisterLabs GmbH
Stable release 9.0
Operating system Web application, iPhone, iPad, Android
Type Web productivity tools
License Proprietary
Website www.mindmeister.com

MindMeister is a collaborative mind mapping software that allows its users to visualize their thoughts in the cloud.[1] MindMeister has been developed by MeisterLabs GmbH, a software company founded by Michael Hollauf and Till Vollmer with offices in Munich and Vienna.[2]

Product description[edit]

MindMeister provides a way to visualize information in mind maps, while also providing tools to facilitate real-time collaboration, task management and creating presentations.[3] By using cloud storage, MindMeister can distribute changes in mind maps in real-time to all users on all devices.[4] Mind maps can be shared both privately with an unlimited amount of users and publicly.[5] MindMeister uses the APIs of services such as Wikipedia, Google Links and Google Images for their WunderFeatures, which enable users to automatically insert images (WunderBild), links (WunderLink) and notes (WunderNotes) from the web into their mind map.[6]

Based on the freemium model, MindMeister provides three free mind maps and new features as well as future updates. MindMeister charges a half-yearly or yearly subscription fee for unlimited maps.[7] As a web app, MindMeister is accessible via any standard web browser. Free mobile apps are also available for the iOS and Android platforms.[8]

In March 2010, MindMeister debuted as one of the original partners selected by Google to take part in the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace.[9]

Reception and awards[edit]

MindMeister received generally positive notice from reviewers. MindMeister received 4 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store,[10] while it received 3.5 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store[11] and 3.5 out of 5 stars in the Google Chrome Web Store.[12]

MindMeister also has received a number of awards including "AASL Website Awards Best Web Site for Teaching and Learning 2009"[13] and "Innovation Award 2008 Best product in the category Web 2.0 (German)".[14]

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