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The Mind Body Spirit Festival is a festival that first took place at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London in 1977. It was founded by Graham Wilson and Terry Ellis. The theme was the relationship between religion, the paranormal, spirituality, natural healing, consciousness and personal growth with the aim of making these ideas more accessible to everyone.Now under the stewardship of Melvyn Carlile the show is now relocated in Olympia for 2015 and continues to grow year on year.

Today thousands of visitors from the UK and abroad attend the biannual celebrations in London, attracted by an eclectic mix of musicians, international workshop leaders, best-selling authors, artists and cutting edge exhibitors

The Mind Body Spirit Festival was subsequently presented in New York City, Los Angeles, Cork, San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne and in most major cities, often using the Mind Body Spirit name and following the successful formula of exhibitors, leading authors and authorities giving lectures and workshops, as well as a mix of new-age music and performances.

Over 35 years later, the Mind Body Spirit Festival continues as an annual event in London, currently housed at the Royal Horticultural Halls, where it has recently announced a second London festival to take place in November. Exhibitors include the Hare Krishna devotees, the Aetherius Society, Christian groups, Buddhist groups, Astrologers, Tarot readers, vegetarians, vegans, t'ai chi groups, the Anthroposophical Society, Yoga practitioners Reiki and many other New Age groups.

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