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Mind games are a struggle for psychological one-upmanship.

Mind Games or Mind Game may also refer to:

Sports and games[edit]


  • BBC MindGames Magazine, a BBC puzzle magazine
  • Mind Game (novel), by Christine Feehan
  • Mindgame (play), a play by Anthony Horowitz, published 2000
  • Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space, a book by Robert Masters PhD and Jean Houston, from which John Lennon took the title for his song and album
  • Mind Games: Amazing Mental Arithmetic Made Easy, a book by George Lane
  • The Mind Game (1980) by Norman Spinrad, a novel about the power of cults
  • Mind Games (2010) by Carolyn Crane, her debut novel
  • Mind Games (2019) by Annabel Vernon, about the psychology of elite sport
  • Mind Games (German title, Gone in English) (2019) by Leona Deakin, about the psychologist Dr. Augusta Bloom

Film and television[edit]