Mind of Mystikal

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Mind of Mystikal
Mind of Mystikal.jpg
Studio album by Mystikal
Released October 10, 1995 (1995-10-10) (United States)
Recorded 1993–1995
Genre Southern hip hop, hardcore hip hop
Label Jive, BMG
Producer L. "Precise" Edwards
Charles "Big Boy" Temple (Exec.)
Mystikal chronology
Mind of Mystikal
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Mind of Mystikal is a re-release of the debut studio album by American rapper and the New Orleans-based emcee Mystikal. It was released on October 15, 1995, by Jive Records and Bertelsmann Music Group.[2] The songs "Beware" and "Here I Go" were the retaliation songs towards the other artists such as The B.G.'z and UNLV (whom he was in conflict with at the time). Kevin Mcgee from Amite is his biggest influence. Aka slim Mcgee

Track listing[edit]

# Title Featured Performers Length
1. "Y'all Ain't Ready Yet" 5:55
2. "Murderer" Insane 5:31
3. "Beware" Precise 3:35
4. "Mr. Hood Critic" G-Quikk, J-Dawg 4:11
5. "I'm" Precise 4:28
6. "Out That Boot Camp Clicc" Black Menace, Fiend 4:23
7. "Not That Nigga" Michelle Tyler 6:02
8. "Smoke Something" G-Quikk 2:11
9. "That Nigga Ain't Shit!" 3:04
10. "Mind of Mystikal" Boot Camp Clicc 3:45
11. "Here I Go" 5:46
12. "Never Gonna Bounce (The Dream)" 3:56
13. "Y'all Ain't Ready Yet (Remix)" G-Slimm, Precise 6:03
14. "Not That Nigga (Remix)" Michelle Tyler 6:09
15. "Dedicated to Michelle Tyler" 1:10

Critical reception[edit]

For the overall reviews were positive, as one review states: "If anything, this album represents raw lyrics and beats that are combined into a strange mix of Southern beats and the incredibly rapping speed of Mystikal. For those of you that haven't heard Mystikal before he's much like Busta Rhymes in style as his words roll out fast and furious. Much like Busta, Mystikal likes to stretch the boundaries of his lyrics to fit the beats into strange and unconventional patterns. His style is very unconventional and that's what makes his works interesting. This is the rawest of his albums, and the one that is the least influenced by outside sources."[3] Music production by L. Precise Edwards with music instruments performed by David "D-Funk" Faulk. (D-Funk is more commonly known as the musician/ producer who worked alongside Precise on all of the Big Boy Records releases playing the guitars, basses, keyboards, etc.)


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