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Mindanao Institute[edit]

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Founded in 1946. Non-stock, non-profit, church related school.

Mindanao Institute History[edit]

Mindanao Institute was born in June 1946 as a non-stock, non-profit Church-related High-School which was recognized by the government under Recognition No. 166.

The School begun with an initial enrollment of 126 students and by April 1947 graduated 5 students. The residence of Judge and Mrs. Jose R. Villanueva provided the first classrooms, then moved to a larger place in the old Sandigan Building at Magsaysay street, and later transferred to Nipa(Bamboo Structured) Building near the present school which was partly donated and party sold to the United Church of Christ by Mssrs. Celestino Udarbe and Manuel D. Calo. Its first concrete building was constructed in 1948 through 1949 with lumber principally donated by Mr. and Mrs. G.E.C. Mears, of the Nasipit Lumber Company brought to Cabadbaran by the NALCO barges, upon the efforts of the committee composed of Attys. Villanueva, Jongko and Ortega, and Mssrs. Calo and Manuel D. Calo

In 1953, the school suffered a serious crisis, which was solved through placing its administration under the Mindanao Eastern Conference, Composed of the churches in Surigao and Agusan (now Agusan del Norte and del Sur) provinces. Through the help of Rev. Taglucop, Dr. Sanders, and Bishop Rodriguez and Lay Representative Virgilio N. Atega Sr., the Executive Committee of the General Assembly of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines granted the school subsidies for the purchase of the lot of Mr. Udarbe, hiring a Bible Teacher, salaries and laboratory supplies and equipment.

The members of the Board of Trustees serve without pay, instead they financially, materially and morally supported the school, and together with the donations from church members, the General Assembly of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, our patrons, alumni, parents, teachers. Firms and friends, the costs of maintenance of high standard education is made possible. Mindanao Institute offers unlimited honor scholarships, and unlimited work and athletic scholarships. Approximately forty percent (40%) of the costs comes from donations and gifts and subsidies; the rest by the tuition fees.