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Mindaugas Gervaldas (born 16 December 1973), until 2012 known as Mindaugas Murza, is a Lithuanian politician, a radical nationalist former member of the National Democratic Party, former member of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces (a Lithuanian government sponsored paramilitary organization), a one time leader of the National Socialist Party, and member of Šiauliai city municipality council. He is known for his anti-semitic statements.[1]

In 1998, Gervaldas and other members of his party, Lithuanian Alliance of Nationalist-Socialist Unity, in their publications "Voice of the Nation" attacked Lithuania's minorities of Jews, Poles and Russians, and demanded that conditions for these minorities be made so unbearable so that they would leave Lithuania.[2] In 2001 he attempted to revive moribund Logic of Life Party (Gyvenimo logikos partija) when registration for the national socialist alliance was refused.[3]

In April 2005, Gervaldas passed plans to establish a new political party, called the Unified Lithuanian National Workers Movement. Its aims would be to encompass up to 3% of the population eventually, and win in the next municipal elections to Šiauliai city council. At the creation of new party, Mindaugas Murza compared globalism to Zionism, which led to investigation against him being carried out by Lithuanian prosecutors on basis of preaching hatred (anti-Semitism).

On April 12, 2005, police seized hard drives from Gervaldas's personal computer and computers of his colleagues. For legal reasons (prosecution pending) the court did not allow Mindaugas Murza to change his name to Mindaugas Gervaldas.

On November 19, 2011, he married Russian citizen Zlata Rapova.[4] The marriage was conducted using neo-pagan rituals.[5]


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