Minden Wild Water Preserve

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Minden Wild Water Preserve
LocationMinden, Ontario
Coordinates44°58′02.8″N 78°40′55.2″W / 44.967444°N 78.682000°W / 44.967444; -78.682000Coordinates: 44°58′02.8″N 78°40′55.2″W / 44.967444°N 78.682000°W / 44.967444; -78.682000
2015 Pan American Games

The Minden Wild Water Preserve is a current natural canoeing and kayaking slalom facility in Minden, Ontario, Canada, and was used for the 2015 Pan American Games canoe slalom events. The facility's renovations were completed in 2014, one year before the 2015 Pan American Games began.[1] The venue was the furthest games venue from Toronto at about 191 km away.[2]

The renovations to the facility cost about $2 million.[3]

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