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Mindflayer 2005.jpg
Brinkman (left) and Chippendale (right) of Mindflayer
Background information
Origin Providence, Rhode Island
Genres Noise rock
Years active 1996–present
Labels Load, Corleone, Bulb, Ooo Mau Mau
Members Matt Brinkman
Brian Chippendale

Mindflayer is a noise rock band from Providence, Rhode Island, made up of Brian Chippendale (of Lightning Bolt) and Matt Brinkman (of Forcefield) which was formed out of Fort Thunder.

Much of Mindflayer's identity, including the band name, are obscure Dungeons & Dragons references. The name of the band refers to psionic creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, Illithids, commonly referred to as "mind flayers." The covers of Take Your Skin Off and Die & Mold Services also resemble the Illithid's squid-like faces. The title to the band's fourth album, Expedition to the Hairier Peaks, plays on the popular Dungeons & Dragons module title, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.



  • Raise Your Tentacles and Yell! (released on official website) (2000)[1]
  • Live CD-R (released on official website) (Bulb) (2000/2001)[1]
  • Ape S**t C 90 2004

Studio albums[edit]

7-inch singles[edit]

  • Split (with Prurient) (Important Records) (2007)
  • Split (with Deep Jew) (Not Not Fun Records) (2008)

Appearances on compilations[edit]

  • Old Tyme Lemonade compilation (Hospital Productions) (2004)


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